The Whisky Muse

Whisky - the water of life, perhaps Scotland´s best known contribution to humanity Muse - goddess of creative endeavour The Whisky Muse - the spark of inspiration to many of Scotland´s great poets and songwriters.

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This book is a collection of the best poems and songs, both old and new, on the subject of that great Scottish love, whisky.

Brought together by Robin Laing and based on his one-man show The Angel´s Share, it combines two of his passions - folk song and whisky. Each poem and song is accompanied by fascinating additional information, and the book is full of interesting tit-bits on the process of whisky making. Reflected in these poems and songs are the pleasures (and medicinal benefits) of imbibing this most beloved of spirits as well as the unfortunate consequences of overindulgence, the centuries of religious disapproval, the temperance movement and the exciseman. The stories told here are lubricated by warmth and companionship, best enjoyed with dram in hand. Slainte.