Whisky Legends of Islay

Why was Islay cheese banned in Italy? Why is a wall in an Islay pub covered with coins? Who is the angel that protects the distilleries? How do you prevent a wolf from coming down your chimney?

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Robin Laing brings together the myths and legends of the island of Islay through its most famous export - whisky.

Ranging from the ancient legends of the seal-people to more modern tales of whisky drinkers of mythic proportions, this introduction to the whisky drinkers and producers of Islay, past and present, shows the diverse ways in which whisky forms part of island culture. With eight of the best known Scotch distilleries, it is no wonder that Islay has the reputation as the centre of whisky tourism. In weaving together the many strands of whisky-myth using stories, poems and songs, Robin Laing brings the island of Islay, and all its colourful inhabitants, to life. The witty entries are great for dipping in and out of or, alternatively, to accompany a 'wee dram'.